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MiTec Weather Agent is an easy to use application for viewing forecast weather information.
The application is multi-platform, it can run on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X operating systems.
MiTec Weather Agent runs in the background as a service, allowing you to keep looking at the screen while working or doing other tasks. The program continuously updates its data sources.
You can customize the application settings.
It is easy to update the data sources, the program does this automatically. You can also download data from third party applications.
The application has an intuitive interface.
It allows you to store various weather data (temperature, wind speed, humidity, etc.) in a simple way, such as My Data, Favorites, etc.
You can view the forecast for the current day, for the next 5 days, for the next 20 days, the next 50 days, and the whole year.
MiTec Weather Agent uses the W3C Standard, so it has support for some popular web browsers.
The Application Settings can be adjusted by any user who has Administrator rights on the computer.
The application uses simple CPU and memory resources. It responds well to the user’s requests.
The application requires minimal configuration effort (about 2 minutes).
Please note that the graphical interface does not work if you are using an unsupported web browser, such as those no longer supported by Microsoft.
File Size:
MiTec Weather Agent uses about 200 MB of hard drive space.
Installation Procedure:
Download MiTec Weather Agent.
Run the setup.
Follow the instructions on the screen.
Uninstall MiTec Weather Agent when the installation process is complete.
Technical Support:
The program has an FAQ section for you to find answers to most of the most frequently asked questions. The application is tested and supported by an extensive team of professionals.
If you still have any questions, we are ready to provide you with assistance. To contact us, select the Help option from the main menu.

With Wave: Find Water is a software application for finding water. You can use the program to help you find and measure the volume of water in a bathtub, toilet, swimming pool or in any other place where water is present.

With Wave: Find Water is a software application for finding water. You can use the program to help you find and measure the volume of water in a bathtub, toilet, swimming pool or in any other place where water is present. 30ed912023

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TicTac is a tool for managing multiple windows on your Windows desktop.
Feature highlights:
Grid, Auto-position, and Auto-size windows.
Option to resize any window on the desktop.
Multiple desktops.
Option to show desktop, close any window, hide desktop.
The user interface is very well thought out and easy to get the hang of.
All you need to know about
TicTac is that the application doesn’t display in the tray area, and doesn’t really interfere with Windows.
TicTac’s interface follows the conventions of Microsoft products, and is free of any oddities. The keyboard shortcuts and the application’s parameters are properly explained.
TicTac is a neat tool for managing your Windows desktop. Unfortunately, it’s less than optimal in terms of functionality, and the fact that it doesn’t resize windows still might prove to be an inconvenience to some users.Ajit Pai, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), said Thursday that under his leadership the commission will never, ever “bully” companies or require them to get permission to do business.

As chairman of the FCC, Pai oversees the agency’s work in the federal communications spectrum, including 5G wireless networks and Internet access. Pai took over the role from former Chairman Tom Wheeler, who was appointed by President Barack Obama in 2013 and left the commission last December.

“At the Federal Communications Commission, we do not bully companies, nor do we require companies to get permission before doing business with other companies,” Pai said in a statement Thursday. “The entire point of the Communications Act is to encourage competition and allow the private sector to drive innovation.”

Pai, who was confirmed by the Senate on Thursday, noted that the FCC is not the only federal agency tasked with reviewing business issues, with the Federal Trade Commission, the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice all also playing a role in enforcing antitrust rules.

Still, Pai said in his statement that “for too long, government agencies have pursued an agenda that has been at odds with the public’s interest — instead favoring some favored companies and industries over others. I believe in using our authority to enforce the law consistently and fairly, without regard to partisan politics or the race or sex of any individual.

“I won’t allow the FCC to be used as a political weapon to help one industry against another. We

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