Flatiron Pack 28L (Custom)

Flatiron Pack 28L (Custom)
Flatiron Pack 28L (Custom)
Flatiron Pack 28L (Custom)
Flatiron Pack 28L (Custom)
Flatiron Pack 28L (Custom)
Flatiron Pack 28L (Custom)
Flatiron Pack 28L (Custom)
Flatiron Pack 28L (Custom)

The Flat Iron Pack is a completely customizable 28 Liter (internal volume) ultralight backpack for a weekend hike or a thru-hike. Pick your choice of various Xpac and Ultra fabrics. You choose the fabric for the back panel, front panel, stretch pockets pockets and even select your choice of running vest style shoulder straps or standard J-shaped shoulder straps. Get creative and have fun designing your very own custom backpack, then let me bring it to life!

Weight: 13-19 oz (varies based on choices)

Lead Time: 12 weeks

Note: If we have had a correspondence for custom items via email or Instagram DM, please leave me an order note listing ALL of the custom options we discussed and you would like on your pack.

All shoulder straps will be made with Black HDPE Gridstop (unless specified otherwise). All Flatiron Packs will come with a bottom pocket by default.

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From: $300.00


The Flat Iron 28L Backpack is the perfect size for an ultralight backpacking enthusiast or as a great day pack for the weekend warrior. I find the Flatiron Pack to be the perfect bag for hitting the local trails, 14ers, overnights and beyond.
The 28 Liter volume of the backpack is a measurement of the interior space only. The stretch pockets on the straps, exterior and bottom add an extra 7 liters, making this truly a 35L pack at completely maxed out capacity. This is a fairly small backpack and you will have to pack light to use it overnight!

All shoulder straps will be made with Black HDPE Gridstop

12″ Width x 4″ Side x 32″ Height (bottom to top of roll top unrolled)

Additional information

Weight 18 oz

2 reviews for Flatiron Pack 28L (Custom)

  1. Mark Ellison (verified owner)

    I purchased a Flat Iron in Ultra 200 with vest style straps and a few other small modifications, and couldn’t be more stoked about it. I’ve gotten the chance to load the pack up with kit, food, and food for a 2 night trip (16-18lbs) a few times now, then taken it out on some moderate day hikes. The vest style shoulder straps and amazingly comfortable and offer an astounding amount of pocket space, they really changed the way I approach loading my pack and increase efficiency for me. The front/side spandura pockets provide plenty of room to stuff wet gear and any other items you may need during the day. The bottom pocket and unique entry location work out way better than I expected, maybe a little small for a full day of food but there’s plenty of other external storage options to round it out.

    The build quality on this pack is next level, it’s easy to see the attention to detail that Matt gives the pack as it’s made. Seams are dead straight, no loose threads, seam tape is meticulous. It seems like each time I pick up the pack I notice another small detail, like the orange snaps to match my orange spandura, or a nicely angled seam that adds a little excitement to the pack. Those little things always manage to make me grin. I’ve been described as being particular about my gear, to put it politely, and this pack exceeds expectation. After a few conversation with Matt it’s easy to see he has true passion for designing and building packs, as well as sharing that passion with everyone around him. I won’t hesitate to purchase another Red Paw Pack, the quality coupled with customer service makes that an easy decision.

  2. David Buist (verified owner)

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